Generally Speaking Content Posted On Thursdays

Generally Speaking Content Posted On Thursdays

Anticipate must be the credo of an SEO expert The SEO expert must be able to anticipate changes in Google’s algorithms and have a long-term vision . Faced with the perpetual changes of Google, the SEO must be able to orient his SEO strategy and above all to anticipate the future requirements of the number 1 search engine. We don’t ask him to be a diviner with his crystal ball either! For example, when Google announced the launch of “mobile friendly” , SEOs were already aware that.

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Google would gradually give importance to mobile-friendly sites. It was therefore their responsibility to warn their agency and their clients Latest Mailing Database that from now on it would be essential to have aResponsive design website . Knowing that today mobile accounts for more than 60% of web traffic , the risk would be to no longer be visible on mobile and to lose potential customers. 3. An SEO expert must be able to understand the challenges of Inbound Marketing If your future SEO expert doesn’t even know these two words, drop the ball and say NEXT.

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Inbound Marketing is THE new marketing technique that consists of attracting qualified traffic to your site via relevant content. The ATB Directory purpose of this technique, you will understand, is to attract your visitors with content that will meet their specific needs . We therefore drop the traditional “push” mode considered too aggressive by Internet users. The SEO will therefore have to play the chameleon and put himself in the shoes of Internet users in order to flush out the best keywords that they will type to search for information.


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