Gestures in a Company

Defining body language Body language represents 55% of communication and conveys thoughts as well as emotions. Synergology has developed a body lexicon of 1,700 items to decode these verbal signs knowing that it takes a convergence of 5 to 8 of these signs to validate an observation. (Source the Express). To convince, the gesture is even more important than your speech. If your gestures do not accompany your speech, the result will be negative. The impact of a message results 55% from the gestures used, 38% from the intonation of the voice and 7% from the content of the speech (source Capital). Regardless of the desired objective, you must combine these two factors to achieve your goal. Some rules are to be applied to have an adequate body attitude.

Defining Body Language

Adopt a good physical distance The distance to be respected between two individuals is not always the same depending on the situation. It adapts according to the message you want to convey and the person in front of you. Take the example of negotiation. It’s common to be seated across from the person with a table separating you. However, you can reduce this space if you want to create a stronger bond or simply if you feel a good feeling between you. However, it must be taken into account, if you work in the international cultural space. Depending on the VP Business Development Email Lists origin of the person, the tolerated proximity is very different and you can commit the wrongdoing of encroaching on his living space and put yourself in difficulty during a negotiation.

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Adopt a Good Physical Distance

The country of origin will have to play a role in your positioning in relation to the person. Placing yourself in a person’s “intimate” space can only be useful if you want to create. A bond with them but pay attention to their cultural habits. what about touch Touch strongly supports your request. Accompanying a request with a physical contact makes it possible to. Create a bond of complicity and the request is rarely refused. “To seal a pleasant discussion or ATB Directory to re-motivate one of my salespeople in difficulty, I sometimes add to my speech a light pressure on the arm or the shoulder.” , told Paul Chemama, sales director of Imperial Tobacco France to Capital. Be careful though, this initiative is only up to you as a leader. It is the expression of a dominant-dominated hierarchical relationship.

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