Google now adds a fourth ad

Complex models for further processing Gap between plan and actual ruces confidence in own plans Provides only one-dimensional and incomplete search view revolution! (ticket) It’s happening again. and Google is making major changes to . The classic ads on the right column are completely turn off. creating a clean and minimal display. Google has long report an increase in search queries via mobile devices and is addressing that trend with this new update. Especially with smartphones. the available width in the view is significantly ruc. so it doesn’t make much sense to ruce it with an extra display. Google’s change is clearly in line.

How search results are display

With the mobile-first trend.  at the top of Bangladesh Mobile Database search results. . However. this ad will only be shown for highly commercial and competitive search terms. Therefore. organic search results above the fold will not be shown when visualiz on mobile. But what does this mean for your online marketing. The new Quality Score is more important than ever! In the future. Google will show four ads above the actual search and three others below the generic search results if a popular search term is shown. This significantly ruces the space for advertising. and the competition for the top spot is more intense. Basically. this means that it is more important to occupy the top position in the advertisement. For this. both the landing page and the actual ad must be perfectly adapt to the end user. The figure of merit plays an.

Also instead of showing just three ads

Important role here. In the future. ads must be structur more professionally and offer searchers considerable add value. Wrong or overly ATB Directory general search terms can become more expensive and therefore less efficient. The requirements to optimize accounts are increasing rapidly and the help of professional online marketing experts is increasingly ne. We look forward to providing you with professional advice! It’s getting more and more expensive! Due to increas competition for highly competitive and heavily us keywords. the price per click will increase even if the quality factor is strong. For companies forc to advertise in these markets. this means that their online marketing budgets must increase significantly. Only in this way can you occupy the top position in the future. 

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