Google PageSpeed Insights For SEOs & Developers

Google PageSpeed Insights For SEOs & Developers

PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is a free tool provided by Google that analyzes a page’.  Desktop and mobile performance and provides suggestions for improving its speed and user experience. PageSpeed Insights works by analyzing a webpage’s.  HTML, CSS, fonts, and JavaScript, and provides .  Suggestions to optimize the performance of the page. This includes things like compressing images, minifying code, and reducing the number of HTTP requests made by the page. Let’s look at PageSpeed Insights more closely. How to use .  Google PageSpeed Insights .  To start, go to PageSpeed Insights. Enter a URL and click . Analyze.”Enter a URL in PageSpeed Insights You’ll have the option to switch between the Desktop and Mobile analysis. 

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At the top is a tab to switch between page and origin (similar to domain) level data, which aggregates the data for many pages. You may not have data for all pages or even origin data. It depends on how many people visit your website and opt in to s.  Haring this information. As of April 2023, there are ~29.5 million origins in the CrUX dataset. Select between URL or .  Origin Office 365 Email List metrics The next section is all about Core Web Vitals (CWV), including a pass/fail assessment. The main metrics are .  Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input . Delay (FID), and Cumulat ive Layout Shift (CLS). These CWV metrics are the ones Google uses in its rankings.

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The numbers are color coded to show you that green = good, orange = needs improvement, and red = poor..  Of user experiences need to meet the threshold set for a given metric for it to ATB Directory be considered “good.” These are the threshold . Metric Good Needs improvement  view,” you’ll see the distribution for each metric. Distribution of additional CrUX metrics.  The last section tells you a bit about where this data comes from. The data is from real user experiences and is a rolling average over a 28-day period. More info about the .  CrUX data Lab data Lighthouse is an open-source tool for measuring the performance and quality of webpages. It can be run. 


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