Social Media Guide When and How to Use Hashtags in Posts

Social Media Guide When and How to Use Hashtags in Posts

Hashtags are present in almost all Social Networks and can bring advantages when used correctly. Knowing when and how to use them will help you increase the organic reach of your publications and achieve greater engagement. What are hashtags and why are they important? Hashtags simply correspond to terms, or keywords, preceded by the symbol and act as links to a set of posts on the same topic. When associated with publications on Social Networks, hashtags help to achieve greater reach, hence their importance. Reaching a larger audience, interaction tends to increase, which can captivate. New followers for your brand. Cta-download-guide-social-networks. What types of hashtags are there? Hashtags can be divided into 2 main types, according. To the number of publications they aggregate: volume hashtags they. Have more than 500k publications.

Focus Too Much Content on a Hashtag

They are useful for reaching a large number of people. specific hashtags They have less than 500k publications. They are useful to Germany Phone Number Data captivate people interested in that specific topic. guide-to-social-networks-4-when-and-how-to-use-hashtags-in-posts To get the best results, the use of each type of hashtag should not be done in isolation, but should be balanced between the two. For example, if a post uses 6 volume hashtags, you should use an equivalent amount of specific hashtags. How do they work? Since they group posts related to the keyword they represent, hashtags make searches easier. Most Social Networks allow the user to follow hashtags, starting to see posts (from different sources) related to their specific interests.

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Avoid Using One Hashtag Per Word

This is how hashtags get your content to potentially interested parties, which can bring you new followers! Hashtags can give your posts a “boomerang effect”: They help us go further and, when you come back, they can bring you new followers! Which Social Networks should be used and how? Social network To use or not to use? Why? In what quantities? Instagram Yes, it is the Social Network where it makes the most sense to use hashtags. Hashtags were born on Instagram, so they make perfect sense to use on this platform. Ideal: 12 to 20 Maximum: 30 (but it may already be considered spam by the tool) Facebook No, you shouldn’t use hashtags ATB Directory on Facebook. It has been proven to decrease interaction and attach a negative charge to posts, making them look like fake content.


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