How and why to make a broadcast list on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has already become one of the main forms of communication in Brazil, including for certain corporate actions, such as strategies for sharing content. The application was most used in the country in 2019, according to monitoring published in a report by the company App Annie . Therefore, it is essential to know how to use the resources that the platform has to offer, as it provides a wide reach among Brazilian customers. Using broadcast lists, you can maintain more assertive communications, sending targeted messages to two or more contacts at once, including videos, texts, photos and audios. This way of maintaining an effective relationship with your customers allows you to send your content to different people simultaneously. By doing this, each recipient on your list receives the message without knowing that others have also received the same message. Why should you use a broadcast.

Why should you use a broadcast list

One way to communicate with two or more people using WhatsApp Business, a tool designed for corporate communications, is to create groups. However, this option is more recommended for establishing dialogues that guarantee greater proximity, but are not so suitable for so-called WhatsApp marketing. With a Italy Phone Number Data  broadcast list, your marketing actions can have a more satisfactory effect. Using a list of contacts, your company can transmit messages to everyone at once, privately. So there is no need to add anyone   to a group. As many people are already part of numerous groups, including at a personal level, you avoid creating another one for them to follow. If someone responds to your messages, the conversation becomes private and is not shown to anyone else on the broadcast list. Another advantage is that the resource is free, but recipients must have your company’s contact information saved on their .

How to make a broadcast list on WhatsApp

Devices. How to make a broadcast list on WhatsApp The creation process is intuitive and doesn’t take much time. Check it step by step Open WhatsApp Business and select the “Broadcast Lists” button, which is at the top of the conversations screen; 2. On the new screen, click on “New list”, an option located at the bottom; 3. To choose contacts, type their names or tap the “+” button. 4. Finish by tapping “Create”. After that, just start writing messages to the contacts on the list. Configuration can be done as follows: access the conversation, select the “i” button and configure it as you wish, changing name, contacts and image, for example. More information for creating ATB Directory broadcast lists You can create as many lists as you need, the only limitation being the number of contacts in each one If one of them doesn’t receive your message, it’s because.

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