How can Social Ads generate more sales for the Company

Investing in ads on social networks is a. Good business for companies in different segments. This is because the company has the possibility of investing. Part of its advertising. Budget in ads in a location where its. Customers actually are. how-social-ads-can. Generatemore-. Sales-for-the-company According to research carried out by IBGE , half of Brazilians are already connected to the internet. Furthermore, another study by Fecomércio RJ/Ipsos points out that 84.2% of Brazilians who access the internet have the purpose of accessing socia. Networks. If these numbers. Have not yet convinced that investment in social ads can generate more sales for the company and bring a return, the fact that Brazilians have. Been ranked as those who spend the most time online on social. Networks in the world should convince. There are, in total, 13.8 hours per month spent just on social net.

How to know which is the best network to invest in Social Ads?

Where potential customers can be impacted by different types of campaigns. If it’s not a company’s, it could be their competitor’s campaign. Therefore, it is essential to understand which social networks. Your target audience is on and which one is worth. Combining with a good content marketing strategy and how. To generate more sales with ads that amplify the company’s voice. How to. Know which is the best   network to invest in Social Ads? For your Social Ads strategy to Mexico Phone Number Data generate results, it is not enough to. Have money to invest, it is also necessary to study the type of content on each platform, the people who are there and how they interact with. Each other to understand how your brand can talk to your public. Have in mind .Who is your. Audience? Age, gender, are you an end consumer or a company? Make a.

Want to know more about Social Media

omplete detail with all the information you have Read also: Buyer Persona: what is it and how important is it in Digital Marketing? – Which social networks is your audience on? It’s on Facebook, okay. But if the business is B2B and you want to sell something to a company, does it make sense to invest in this network? – What is your objective with these ads? Sell ​​more? Make more people aware of your business? Which network is most aligned with your goal? Want to know more about Social Media? WSI makes the chapter of the Digital Minds book on this subject available free of charge. Download here Topics: Social Media [fa icon=”facebook-square”] [fa icon=”linkedin-square”] [fa icon=”twitter-square”] –> Excel ROI RECENT POSTS Newsletter Corporate email * We are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of your data. We will only use your perso.

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