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If someone thinks of messing with another, it will not be viable, since the room, being full of technology, will detect the presence of two people and sanction the one who is registered at that moment. The way in which everything that surrounds us advances is almost imperceptible because in less than a click many changes are taking place that make us walk forward building the cities ofParticle accelerators to repair 19th century photos Borja Garcia Borja Garcia Using an experimental process of X-ray fluorescence, a group of researchers manages to produce digital copies of images previously lost in time.

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has in hand contemples trips from London to New York in three hours . Son of Concorde The initiive, nicknamed Son of Concorde, reminiscent of the famous Franco-British  China Phone Number List supersonic aircraft, is d for 2021 . It will be then when the first commercial flight with this technology takes place. Althougjump NASA’s ambitions don’t stop Mars. Venus, the closest planet to Earth, is already groped.

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instruments th can withstand the terrible conditions of 470 degrees of temperure and 90 mospheres of pressure . One of his lest projects aimed faciliting the explorion of the planet has to do with drones . The agency has partnered with the specialized company Black Swift B Directory Technologies. To cree unmanned aircraft capable of flying over the surface of Venus.Group video calls come to. WhsApp javier martin javier martin WhsApp has launched the group video call in order to supply a market niche th to de only had individual video calls.

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