How to expand your jewelry and costume jewelry business in times of crisis.

At the time I had a studio, I invested  that was 100% aimed at a. Similarly,  single basket, the Brazilian market . I was.Similarly, always on the ropes, at the mercy of the economic instability caused by the various crises that Brazil suffered (and still suffers). My income varied depending on the economic and political situation in Brazil. If the country was doing well, sales would go well, if there was any sign that the economy was going to take a hit, that’s it, I would already feel the market shrinking. I felt firsthand how dangerous it is for the survival of a small business to bet all its chips on a single selling option, in a single market. I didn’t realize the potential to generate other sources of income with my jewelry.

Of successful companies seek to anticipate the facts

And that it was possible to protect my . Similarly, income against these “oscillations” by diversifying my activities in the market. Discover my online consultancy. Similarly,  here. I didn’t know because I never had someone to guide me, to show. Similarly, me the right steps that would make my business more financially stable. I’m talking about Greece WhatsApp Number Data   years ago, when we  didn’t have access to as much information as we do today. So I decided to make my own way and make my own rules. He believed that the path to internationalization was very difficult and complex and, as he had a small business, he would not attract the attention of any importer. Do you know “mutt syndrome”? Why do we believe that what comes from outside is always better than what we create? That’s exactly how I felt. 60% . To escape this standard” and gain .

More financial stability I decided to leave aside

And invest in the international market by showing my work abroad. And I can tell you: Yes, it is possible to  Similarly, achieve stability and double or even triple business opportunities in jewelry and costume jewelry when you open your mind to the international market and prepare for it. At first it wasn’t easy, but after this change in mentality and the possibility of having a global and strategic vision it made all the difference for me and my business. ATB Directory  All I did was put together a sales . Similarly, strategy abroad and for a good period I managed   to have financial stability. Similarly,  by taking advantage of the strengths of both markets for my business . What made the difference for me? It was me not giving up, despite the difficulties (which were not few), and grabbing all the good chances that .

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