How to unlock marketing in your company

One of the challenges I face in my mentoring is getting my mentees to find the time and motivation necessary to do the tasks of the work plan that we have defined together, while maintaining their daily activity. Obviously they have the motivation but the volume of day-to-day work, and above all inertia, mean that they do not always dedicate the necessary time to carry them out. In my latest reflections on this blog I have talked about the reason for the failure of marketing in companies and why some companies sell and others do not . In the first case, the obstacles in the development of marketing within companies (closely related to the content of this article), and in the second, the error in the way of achieving sales objectives .

How to transform a marketing team without stopping daily activity

Or put another way, how do you get the marketing team to correctly implement the marketing strategy when they do not have the time or the necessary knowledge? This is a considerable challenge. They need to learn and change plans without stopping. To top industry data achieve great challenges, you must start with small actions that become habits. The sum of these is what will transform the company To achieve team motivation , these actions must also have visible results almost immediately. Thus we achieve a double objective: we propose an action that they are capable of carrying out, and this also has short-term results that motivate them to continue working.

Transform the marketing strategy into small and manageable tasks

We will have actions directly related to the strategy and others that form the basis ATB Directory of any marketing team. We can do it in four ways: 1. Elephants in small fillets The idea behind my approach is that when we face a very large project, we must break it into phases, and then into tasks that are small and simple enough so that the department is able to take them on in the time available. 2. Bring a long-term goal to the present We have to do something similar at a strategic level. That is, what we want to do in the medium or long term, how could we implement it today? What form would it take? That is, if I want to set up a business school but today I have no resources, no teachers, nothing… starting from today, what phases could I follow? For example:

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