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Provides a comprehensive overview of a generation. starting with the environment in which members of the generation grew up. what shap them. and how previous generations (Generation and Baby Boomers influenc their development.of the three generations currently dominating the working world are analyz separately and compar with those of other generations. This forms the basis for analyzing intergenerational work opportunities and challenges. The research question outlines what factors influence the development of a generation. And what shap their development. What are the characteristics of a generation.

Furthermore the requirements

How does it differ from its precessors. generation France Mobile Database and baby boomers.  and demand from employers. How do they differ from the requirements of other generations. How do different generations differ in their work attitudes and behaviors toward superiors and colleagues. What opportunities and risks does intergenerational work offer. How can qualifi employees be bound to the company for a long time. Purpose of Generation Research Previous research has often convey a very negative image of generation. often portraying.

What does this generation expect

Them as purely demanding and lacking the will ATB Directory and ability to execute.  German Marketing Institute The next generation conduct a more in-depth study. sometimes yielding results that differ significantly from previous analyses. In the struggle for the best talent. the findings also provide a decisive competitive advantage. as those who understand and take into account the nes. aspirations and fears of the target group are more attractive to qualifi applicants and can lock them in on himself. company in the long run. For the Generation.

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