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How are you going to measure the success of your content eg if the purpose is to convert or generate leads then you ne to make sure conversion tracking is set up properly.  Or attention you might want to measure this by the amount of safe backlinks. internal competition. Are there multiple pages on your site competing to rank for the same set of keywords? If so, what is the best solution for consolidating these or re-optimizing certain pages? Average time spent on a page. Are users clicking through to your blog page and leaving without any interaction? If so, your page may lack the content assist features that users are looking for when searching for your target keywords.

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Read in terms of font size, font type, and color contrast? Does your written and non-written content take into account site accessibility factors such as labeling and clear header structure? Old or outdat content. Is your content showing signs of rot such as Ecuador Mobile Database offering thin or poor quality content that is no longer accurate or relevant to your business product or goals. Are there instances where there is little content on the page to crawl? If so, is this in line with competitors or do these pages ne to be built or remov? Are there instances where the content does not meet your brand’s current guidelines or standards that ne to improve? Duplicate content.

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On the site that is not performing well with content that is too similar in target keyword targeting or phrasing. Is there any content that has been post on your site for a long time but has not generat any organic traffic or keyword rankings? If so, does this page provide value in another way or is worth improving or removing? Vot Sheffield’s top digital ATB Directory marketing agency four years in a row. Annual review of the best agencies in the North In 2019 and 2019 we are the only digital marketing agency entirely bas in Sheffield.


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