If you take a closer look, finding ranking criteria is

If you take a closer look, finding ranking criteria is

PR measure for the two portals. As long as you don’t take it too seriously, I don’t think it’s a bad thing and the portals help so that as a layperson you can at least see a list of agencies. Alexander, the operator of If you take a, just told me today that he is planning new, more precise and better criteria and he is in active exchange with the SEO community and open to all suggestions. I think that’s great and there will definitely be positive news soon. SEO competitions Winning various SEO competitions and SEO awards is not very meaningful. This usually involves being in first place for a completely new keyword, usually a newly invented word, on a specific day.

This is where SEOs can show off their skills

One of the first such competitions was the Hommingberger Cheetah Trout in 2005 . Such competitions were originally intended to be fun. Unfortunately, (few) agencies are now also involved here and then boast Indonesia Phone Number Data that they have won. I can still remember an SEO competition where the winner happily declared at a conference that all the effort had paid off. He freed a team of three agency employees from all other tasks for three months so that they could work around the clock to win the competition. Logically, you then have better chances than an in-house employee who occasionally joins in for fun after work. Unfortunately, the agency was known as one of the black sheep of the industry and from then on advertised. With the title of the competition it had won.

This caused a commotion at the conference

Phone Number Data

Party when an angry SEO confronted the winner. There were even minor scuffles, which shows how seriously some people took these competitions. I happened to be standing close by and accidentally got pushed, which is how. I noticed the whole thing in the first place. SEOs just don’t understand when Vietnam Phone Number List someone is wrongly ranked number 1. Otherwise we are peaceful women and men. In a nutshell: The seal of the Federal Association of the Digital. Economy is the only seal in which an agency is subjected to a real and neutral examination of its working methods (working methods, customer satisfaction, etc.). Signing the Code of Conduct is a commitment by agencies to act in accordance with ethical standards. The ranking on comparison sites. If it is generated with visibility, says nothing about the quality of work of an agency.


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