How Does Google Eat Change the Future of a Website in Just 3 Steps

How Does Google Eat Change the Future of a Website in Just 3 Steps

Google EAT, one of the most relevant optimizations to the Google search engine algorithm, returns the deserved recognition to quality content producers. The world of Online Content Marketing is full of curious people who write about everything. These curious people have equal or greater visibility than true specialists, who focus on their areas of expertise. It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff and Google EAT promises to make it easier! What is the relationship between Google EAT and Content Marketing? The acronym EAT stands for: E – Expertise (Expert); A – Authority; T – Trustworthiness. Source: SEMrush How does the content of a webpage relate to the EAT terms? Before establishing the relationship between content and Google EAT, we pose the following questions: Who are the good experts for a particular web page?.

Content Is Better the More It Combines

What makes an author or source credible/reliable for that web page? What makes a website authoritative on a given topic? The EAT algorithm defends the premise that all websites, which have a positive purpose in the community, should promote their expertise , authority and confidence in the topic(s) they are dedicated to. The content that websites and blogs promote must undergo 3 upgrades or 3 steps: 1st step: Ensure that the content Iraq Phone Number Data is written or endorsed by an expert in the area to which the content relates (here the author’s academic and/or professional background is very relevant – author’s bio); E.g.: below an image of the biography of the author of this article, who specializes in Inbound and Content Marketing (click on the image to see the relevant details about the author).

Phone Number List

How Does the Content of a Webpage Relate to the Eat Terms

Below you can see that the author of this article has already written many others on relevant topics similar to this one. This volume is important (click on the image to see the total volume of articles). articles_rute 3rd step: Including the necessary trust in the content to make it credible. Content authors should therefore rely on statistics, studies, reports made by third parties, case-studies, practical examples. They should even include links to ATB Directory other articles on the same website, to blogs and forums of entities and institutions that add value to the user, as well as a list of bibliography. For example: throughout this article you will be able to see several links to international websites to which Made2Web gives a lot of credibility. Note that the good rules of Content Marketing remain. But good content is now much more important to Google.


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