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SEO reporting costs time and therefore also agency budget. This is what you have to know and want. If you are fit enough to look at the numbers regularly, then you can do without it. What is most important is that you are. Reported on useful key figures and. That you always look at the reporting even if you are already paying for it. Otherwise you can save yourself. Report Take a look at your SEO reports and have them explained to you! How do you approach a project? How would the collaboration start? I think this is a great question to actually check how a service provider works.

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And check whether the goals have been achieved and the measures should be reported. In the detailed discussion you will find out what differentiates the service providers. What sets you apart from other SEO agencies? The agency should know and clarify its clear position. “We are the best” is Italy Phone Number Data nonsense, this is about the direction or the approach. How does the contact take place? Many customers who were dissatisfied with other agencies. Cite poor accessibility as a critical point. Does the agency respond to you by email or do you have a telephone number where you can reach your contact person at any time? Do you have a permanent contact person? Is it possible to meet in person.

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Not good metrics are visibility on Tool If you don’t yet know what metrics are relevant to you, ask your future agency candidates. They should be able to give you good suggestions. What contract terms Canada WhatsApp Number List are there and how flexibly can I adjust services? Contract terms of just a few months are common today. 12 or 24 month contracts used to be the norm, but are now rather unusual. Ultimately, however, this should not be a decisive criterion for or against an agency. You should only be careful if the terms are very long. If I were you, I would never start straight away with a long term. After a certain trial phase, you can certainly do this, for example to block capacities and fundamentally put the collaboration on a more long-term basis.


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