Video Guide The Role of Video in Sales Support

Video Guide The Role of Video in Sales Support

Video Selling allows you to accelerate the Sales Cycle, bringing in more customers with less effort and time investment on the part of salespeople. What is Video Selling? We can define Video Selling as a strategy that uses video to help in the sales process. Introducing video communication makes it easier to connect with prospects and thus convert opportunities into new customers. The application of this strategy to the sales context is a way of differentiating itself from other companies that can become an important competitive advantage. cta-download-guide-video Why use Video for Sales? Many sales professionals can instinctively see the power of video when applied to a business strategy. However, others tend to resist change, perhaps because they are stuck in their habits and routines.

Introducing a Prospect or Customer

Video makes communication more interesting, visual and human, therefore, more memorable. Seeing the interlocutor’s expressions and reactions helps to generate empathy and build trust. Every time an email includes a video, the response rate increases by 8X. On the other hand, when a prospect watches videos of a product, the probability of buying Kuwait Telegram Number Data it becomes 85%. ( Vidyard ) Benefits of Using Video for Sales Sales professionals currently face 2 major challenges: On the one hand, the pandemic required physical distancing between people, which brought added difficulties to commercial work; On the other hand, with the globalization of access to information, the consumer does not like to waste time, tends to reject intrusive sales actions and view sellers as unreliable. It is in this context that the video enables an approximation, because it more easily creates trust and credibility.

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Responding to Questions or Queries

In addition, applying the video in sales allows you to. Video-guide-2-the-role-of-video-in-sales-support-benefits-of-using-video-for-sales. Explain complicated topics, or demonstrate services or products, in a simpler way and in a short time. Through video we were able to show and explain instead of just describing. Overcoming the distancing dictated by the pandemic and creating long-distance relationships with. Prospects and customers. More general or personalized, video helps bring. People together; save time as it gives rise to ATB Directory better response rate. The time spent by sellers trying to attract and captivate potential customers is reduced; Accelerate the Sales Cycle, because it provides all the information necessary to speed up decision-making. Thanks to video, it is possible to sell more in less time. Types of Videos in Video Sales As we have already seen, consumers are increasingly informed and often do without sellers in their purchase decision-making.


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