What Is the Importance of Endomarketing in the Organizational

What Is the Importance of Endomarketing in the Organizational

Developing endomarketing actions are essential for organizations that seek to offer a pleasant working environment for their employees and, when well planned and executed, these strategies put companies on the right path to build a solid organizational culture and brand recognition in the market. In today’s article, you will understand the importance of endomarketing for the company’s culture and image, and you will learn the reasons to use this tool to optimize internal processes. Read on! After all, what is the organizational culture? As we have already said in this article, endomarketing is an institutional marketing strategy aimed at a company’s employees and that seeks to improve the engagement and motivation of the teams. Now, before talking about the role and importance of endomarketing for the organizational culture, let’s explain what this term means.

Increasing Motivation for Employees

The organizational culture is the set of actions and principles of a company in conducting its routine activities. It determines and aligns the way of thinking and acting of all the people who work in the company, creating a connection in pursuit of the same goal, which is the organization. It is important to say that this culture is relevant not only Singapore Phone Number Data for the satisfaction of employees, but also for customers and the company’s image in the market in general. Therefore, developing the organizational culture is not only about maintaining the corporate organization. But also ensures the growth of the business. The role of endomarketing in the development of organizational culture. Endomarketing actions aim to establish a cultural standard between employees. The company, regardless of the position held by each one.

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Promoting Organizational Culture

However, young people of the Y and Z generations do not fit into this kind of culture, and so companies have been forced to adapt and adopt a more linear structure in which all employees have a voice. This is a good example of organizational culture transformation and can be done with the application of endomarketing strategies. Reasons to develop the organizational culture through endomarketing For many years, after the industrial revolution, large ATB Directory corporations based their culture on Fordism and Taylorism, models considered by Thomaz Wood Junior, renowned scholar of the organizational environment and professor at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV)to be the downfall of many companies. Given this example, it’s important to renew the organizational culture, modernizing and basing it on mutual trust between employees and the company itself.


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