Smart Laziness to Increase Productivity

Smart Laziness to Increase Productivity

For lazy entrepreneurs, the situation is somewhat different and the difficulty much greater. Yet there are a few keys that make it possible to grow your business while remaining lazy. Reasons Why Lazy People Succeed Lazy people show an often remarkable ingenuity, when you give them a task, they always find the easiest and least tiring way to perform it. It pushes you to think more, to work your mind to find the optimal way to carry out the tasks. Their logic for success is not to work harder but simply to work smarter. On the other hand, being lazy is absolutely not linked to a lack of ambition. You can very well start your business but stay true to your nature on this point. Also, they tend to use the power of others based on their skills.

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Choose the best time to work Knowing that you are already struggling to get down to work, if you choose the wrong time to “put in your effort” you are heading for disaster. There’s no point tackling a hot file early in the morning when you’re low on energy or while staying up late at night. If your goal is to be as productive as possible to complete a maximum Crypto Email List of tasks in a minimum of time , prefer the end of the morning to work on the most demanding files. This is the best time for reflection and concentration. For other important tasks that you need to do, favor the end of the afternoon, around 4 p.m., when you often have a peak of attention.

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Cultivate Your Network

These moments are numerous (traffic jams, waiting for the doctor, for an appointment…) and you often have nothing more pleasant to do so the opportunity is ideal to move forward. Doing this increases the amount of time you can really take it easy and engage in other activities. There are many small tasks that you can perform during these periods: updating ATB Directory your calendar, reading reports, files, etc. Cultivate your network If you are lazy, your network is essential. You need to build up the widest possible network of people you can really count on. The larger this group of “close acquaintances”, the easier it will be for you to find people to help you when you need them (or when you haven’t found the strength to start work in time and are just at the level delays).


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