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While you want to make sure you’re well-prepar to give your viewers a quality experience, you also have to make sure you don’t overproduce and lose the appeal of your live broadcast. What does it mean? Well, in terms of preparation, you ne to make sure you have a strong, reliable internet connection. website you stream from is available and unclutter. You should probably have a rough idea of what you want to say to your audience. In terms of spontaneity, you want to give yourself room to adjust or change direction if a great opportunity presents itself.

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visiting your test kitchen and one of your chefs just finish a new cookbook, why not do an impromptu interview with him? Live streaming doesn’t have to be polish to be effective. When it comes to , embrace spontaneity while being prepar. Click to Tweet Take advantage of the sense Benin Phone Number List of urgency that live broadcasts bring. Live streaming creates a sense of urgency and immiacy that is hard to replicate in the social mia world. This has a real advantage over upload videos because viewers feel like they have to watch it right away, not an hour or a day later, or every time they think about your brand again.

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with different levels of viewers and capture viewers who might not be interest enough to click on the video but don’t want to miss out on the live broadcast. Run a ATB Directory contest or giveaway. Contests and giveaways have always been a back-up for marketing, but doing it live-stream rather than other digital means can generate more interest. While you can easily do this by simply asking participants to comment on your stream, you can increase your engagement by making the contest more than just a chance.

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