Independent agencies the fuel that fills the future of the advertising sector

The year ends and it’s time to take stock. From the smallest to the largest, in December companies get down to work and analyze their activity during the last few months in order to observe the successes. Mistakes and ways to improve for the following year. In general terms. this year has been marked by the energy crisis. Inflation and social and economic uncertainty. But there has also been room for progress, creativity, imagination and new ideas. In the advertising industry. Independent agencies have been the true protagonists and have shone with their own light in the midst of a panorama in which it is difficult to stand out. our small tribute by allowing them to raise their voices and giving them the opportunity to explain their past achievements and future goals . Which we have collected in this special report.

Growth investment and reinforcement

Within the YouPlanet Group. We have industry email list gone from 50 to 100 employees. We have incorporated a new financial director. New account director. New Head of talent and a new network director. All this accompanied by the use of software that has improved the workflow. Management and organization such as the Salesforce CRM and the SAP ERP system. Our objective has been to lay the foundations for sustainable growth in the years to come. What are the challenges you have for next year? We have focused on two aspects: on reorganizing our accounts division to grow in the new business and on establishing the YouPlanet Lab, an innovation and development laboratory to advance us in the future.

How can independent agencies survive in an increasingly competitive sector

Providing more value to clients. With ATB Directory better ideas and thinking that helps connect in a more authentic and human way with audiences. Also with attitude and ability to collaborate with other companies. We firmly believe that by generating ecosystems with other companies that bring together the right talent for the project, independent agencies become stronger. Finally, with more rational and efficient structural costs that enhance competitiveness , clients feel that they are paying for ideas and thinking, not for large structures that are expensive, inefficient and with little return in value.

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