How Much Do You Know About Industrial Switches?

An industrial switch can also be called an industrial Ethernet switch, which is a highly reliable and cost-effective Ethernet switch device. Designed for harsh environments, which are typically subject to shock, vibration and extreme temperature fluctuations ranging from -40°C to 75°C. You will find them making a significant contribution to industries such as transportation, energy, and more. Compared with ordinary Ethernet switches, they do have many bright spots in harsh environments.

Features of Industrial Switches

Most industrial switches have DIN rail or wall mount options. For the DIN rail option, it is ideal for efficient use of cabinet space in harsh environments. It also helps simplify installation as DIN rail industrial switches can be more easily Croatia Phone Number List attached to standard component rail mounting systems or long metal bars within standard cabinet racks. Also, industrial switches with DIN rail mounting options really help protect sensitive electrical equipment.

Redundant power supply design

Nowadays, industrial switches play a vital role in various industries, such as energy, environmental protection, and transportation. Now the demand for them is also increasing. How much do you know about?

There is not fundamentally different from the regular network in data link layer, network layer, protocol layer and so on, but in view of the real-time ATB Directory needs of industrial control, Ethernet solves the technical problems of real-time communication , network security, and explosion-proof technology, and adopts some measures suitable for harsh environment, such as waterproof, anti-vibration. It is like the difference between a PC and an IPC.

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