Travel Sources of Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

Travel Sources of Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

Travel inspires entrepreneurs! The entrepreneurial adventure , like travel, must be guided by an essential quality: curiosity. How many criticisms for its travelers who visit countries without looking for the treasures they conceal, whose sole purpose is to bring back photos and who wish to find themselves in the same conditions as in their countries. The latter complain about what they miss and are in a hurry to go home. Traveling means facing hazards, getting out of your comfort zone, looking for solutions in the face of the unknown.

Travel Inspires Entrepreneurs

Anyone who launches out with the idea of ​​discovering different customs, eating habits unlike his own, finds an inspiration: oh if I put into practice what I have just seen! The trips that made it possible to carry out business We discover that each country has its own culinary treasures: the English and their tea, the French and their bread and their Administration Directors Email Lists cakes, the Italians and their pizza, the Japanese and their raw fish … and we discover that these eating habits have been inserted like new habits in many countries and obviously they did not come by themselves! Travelers have perceived the interest of developing them in their countries, entrepreneurs who have had the idea of ​​doing business with them. The same is true of all the objects that have invaded our daily lives: fridges, computers, etc.

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The Trips That Made It Possible to Carry Out Business

International trade fairs attract visitors from all over the world in search of new ideas to implement in their country and their investment comes down to discovering original ideas that will open new markets. The trip is above all an adventure! Travel also teaches us to confront other rhythms such as slowness, speed, bureaucracy: nothing is more. Formative than taking a train in India, a bus to go to Machu Picchu to suggest ideas to you. What is at our fingertips in our country could become so in another country like scooters in Vietnam or hats, a real necessity in some countries. But also, the trip comes down to testing to improve its products and bring them new ATB Directory features. Travel brings encounters. The interest also lies in the fact of creating links and exchanging with people who think differently.


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