Interactive content can be true allies in conversion

Interactive content can be true allies in conversion

The current market tells us the following: it is no longer enough to sell an interesting product/service. The rule is to involve .  The consumer. It’s about using strategies and tools to be part of the customer’s. Daily life. Sounds like a challenge, doesn’t it? It’s certainly big, but. Interactive content has managed to win in the name of conversion. In this scenario of rapid changes, the entrepreneur who discovers the right way to. Stimulate people in his interest group comes out ahead. If before people . Were attracted by image and quality, now they want to know who “the. Oompany” is and what it has to say. INTERACTIVE. CONTENT | Unlike passive Content, it leads the. Consumer to carry out a practical action, linked to their daily routine, wishes, desires, etc. Consumer. 4.0 – which is. What begins this new decade – is no longer .

Conversion in the flood of information

Someone who just wants to feel part of a whole. He really wants to achieve it through technology, available in the palm of his. Hand, on his smartphone. He also wants to find thought connections with brands. You want to be completely. Active in the. Shopping experience. He doesn’t want to be just another one. Because he really appreciates being called by  Canada WhatsApp Number Data name, from email marketing to chatbot. This consumer who became passionate and converted into leads in. Various inbound marketing flows out there, for a long. Time, was just buried by information. Now he wants to be part of the content, to work with something that creates a more. Than interactive bond with the brand, a practical bond. The biggest challenge in the dynamics of digital marketing is, without a doubt, time. While the number of people using social media only increases.

The role of interactive content in conversion

Opposite direction, companies’ time to influence consumers’ search/purchase/research decisions decreases. By this we mean that. If before the infallible marketing strategy was to please . Adeliver more and with exclusivity . Things are moving forward for a. Consumer who is an. Integral part – directly or indirectly – of positioning Communication and choices. All of this is happening. through interaction. Some interactive content can be. Aimed at discovering the customer’s desires. They can reveal your ATB Directory  most latent desires. See, if you manage a travel agency and want to offer your clients more assertive itineraries, why not produce a quiz about “unforgettable destinations” and let your client tell you what they want and how they want it? Gain allies in conversion A survey carried out by Demand Metric showed that interactive content such as applications, assessments, calculators, spreadsheets and tests generate moderate or very good conversions 70% of the time. This compared to.


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