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 Working WFO Shifting  Full-WFO  Provision This vacancy is full time and professional (not an academic internship). Candidates with an English certificate   are a plus Your performance will be the subject of evaluation every month. Job Description Prepare, execute communication messages to the target audience, both in English (80%) and Indonesian (20%), and in various forms (articles, social media content, internal messages, reports, etc.) Evaluate the effectiveness of the message to improve the next execution, through intensive coordination with the internal team and Dicoding partners. Assist the Project Manager in establishing partnerships with stakeholders outside the core team, for the strategic 

interests of the company

and the core team. Benefits Salary, Transportation Reimbursement & Credit / Internet Can use Dicoding office facilities while working in the office – (bicycle/electric bike, internet, free flow coffee/tea, lunch) Priority is given to recruiting full-time employees. Have questionsHello friends! Do you still remember the article that explained the SDLC method in software development ? On this ws number list occasion we will discuss agile , which is one of the SDLC methods that has been explained previously. Please read this article carefully. What is agile? Agile software development is a software development method that is based on repetitive work, where the rules and solutions that have been agreed upon by each team member are carried out in structured and organized collaboration. It itself is a software icoding.com . 

development method with

A short period of time. Apart from that, it also requires rapid adaptation from developers to changes that may occur in any form. Agile core values Agile software development itself has four core values. The following are the four values: Interaction between individuals is more important than processes and tools. This first value states that software development will not be ATB Directory successful if there is no collaboration between the development team and the client. Apart from that, good communication is also needed so that development runs well and optimally. The software development process is more important than documentation. In the past, development teams spent a lot of time on detailed documentation. Documentation in agile can be in the form of stories

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