Combining Disability and Entrepreneurship Is It Possible

Combining Disability and Entrepreneurship Is It Possible

Entrepreneurship with a disability to fight against prejudice A person with a disability has no less ability to set up a project than a so-called “ordinary” person. These show that entrepreneurship remains accessible to all for young people, women, immigrants, etc. If the entrepreneurial adventure can slow down more than one, it also becomes a means of fighting against discrimination . and unemployment. Today, more than 500,000 job seekers are disabled according to AGEFIPH (Association managing funds for the integration of disabled people). Setting up a business turns out to be a good way, as for any entrepreneur, to devote yourself to your passion and reap the fruits of your labor, without hearing that such and such a professional opportunity is not made for you. A real opportunity to fight against prejudice, as many entrepreneurs with disabilities have done.

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These “handipreneurs” who have succeeded. Franck Vialle who suffered an accident when he was 20 years old which made him permanently quadriplegic. A difficult handicap to live with but which did not prevent the young man from setting up his company “Ulysse”: the first transport and support network for people with reduced mobility in France. The latter provides vehicles adapted for people in wheelchairs, as well as driver guides trained VP Security Email List in situations of disability . A pride for the entrepreneur who hopes for a promising future for future generations ” We hope that later, our children will not have to undergo what we have been able to know in the past ” he expressed himself on the web- HandiFM radio. Another example is that of Jérôme Adam, who lost his sight at the age of 25 following a brain tumour.

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Entrepreneurship with a Disability to Fight Against Prejudice

This is why in 2000, he founded his company Visual Friendly and explained ” We develop products. Services that should allow all users, disabled or not, to access the web in the simplest way possible and whatever the display terminal . His passion for entrepreneurship has not stopped there. In 2010, he launched a new company “ I can’t believe my eyes ”, a program of web-series promoting humor. These were “ awarded many times in festivals of short films or films dedicated to disability and diversity”. Any advice from Jérôme Adam? ” If we don’t try, we are ATB Directory sure not to succeed .” What help can you benefit from? AGEFIPH represents the main source of support with more than 3,000 “ handipreneurs ” each year in their business creation journey. It also supports companies in the Ile-de-France region, to facilitate the establishment of access to employment for workers with disabilities.


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