The Fundamental Issues for Leaders

The Fundamental Issues for Leaders

To the question: “Among the following issues, which are the most important for your company? » with three possible answers, the leaders of fairly large structures (+ 50 employees) put the spotlight on customer satisfaction, far ahead of the others with 83% of voters. The customer has therefore indeed taken a central part in the thinking of business leaders and his satisfaction remains their first concern. The surprise of this survey perhaps came from the distance that exists with the well-being of employees, which represents only 43%. Even if this represents the second major issue for companies, it is not yet present in half of the minds of managers. Fortunately, this response is ahead of financial performance (34%), followed by corporate image (33%) and quality process (28%).

The Implementation of a Real Strategy

Quality: a concern While this survey may surprise at first sight in terms of its results, it is still necessary to take a step back from the responses since 95% of business leaders consider quality processes at least as an important issue and for 46% as essential. A response that therefore seems significantly higher than the 28% of the first response. In fact, only 5% Gambling Email Address consider them to be secondary, which suggests that at least the first 5 elements of the first remain fundamental for business leaders . Companies have worked on their quality process in recent years since the question ” Would you say that the dissemination of quality processes has increased, decreased or remained stable in your company over the past 5 years?” », they are 72% to have answered positively to this question against 25% of stable and only 2% for a reduced quality process.

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Reasons for Implementing Quality Processes

Companies are therefore always looking to increase the quality of their product/service or at least keep it stable. The implementation of a real strategy To do this, the companies have not contented themselves with improving the product but have truly created a strategy to develop the dissemination of quality processes among its employees. They are thus 72% to have declared to have put a place against 18% who do not plan to do so. 10% have not done anything ATB Directory yet but plan to do so. However, 96% think that these strategies are effective, including 22% very effective and 74% somewhat. We can therefore be led to think that some companies think that the level of quality is already sufficient with regard to the price. To preserve quality, all employees are considered to participate in the dissemination of processes since this is the answer in 91% of cases.


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