It is clear therefore that the company

Website is not a simple tool for increasing business volumes , but represents the tip of the balance for achieving important turnover objectives in B2B.However, setting up a website that works, attracts audience curiosity and ranks for the most strategic keywords is not an immediate task. It is necessary to recognize the main problems that can hinder the efficiency of web pages. We have collected 7: discover them.

Why should a company website be responsive

A website that is not very user friendly simply isolates a portion of users and potential customers. Various statistics confirm how, first of all, traffic on company sites originates more point Business Database of from mobile devices rather than desktops and, secondly, how a bad experience in terms of navigation discourages a subsequent visit.

In addition to usability

Which must be exceptional from any device, it is also essential to guarantee a clean but at the same time visually pleasant design. As we anticipated throughout the article, the company website from ATB Directory making is the digital window of the brand : everything must be coherent. Color palette, fonts and communication style must work in synergy to convey the value of the brand to the target audience.

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