Its Stadium Its Champaign Its Contact Centres

Its Stadium Its Champaign Its Contact Centres

There is, 40 minutes from Paris, an agglomeration which has managed, in a few years, to settle on the highest step of the podium of the attractiveness of contact centers. Telephone exchanges are numerous there, coexist in harmony, whether they sell bottles of Coke, energy or insurance, or even help the deaf and hard of hearing to reach their customer service. A discreet man is at the origin and at the heart of this mutation. His name is Jean-Yves Heyer. Being greeted by him at the station is the beginning of a hell of an adventure: we had misunderstood which station to get off at. We were only at the beginning of our surprises.

Chapter 1 Where is Reims

To leave for their Paris office for example, just after a quick lunch. Because it is so close to the capital, young executive couples, artists and musicians, for example, have chosen to live and work there. Surprise number 2: the city is endearing; the renovation of the city center which has been carried out there, the results of its football team and the Albania phone number list possibility offered there of buying a house and a corner of garden have become very trendy, since a certain virus has completed to disgust city dwellers in charge of children. You can do great studies there, continue them after you have passed the entrance exam to Sciences-Po. The prestigious school on rue Saint-Guillaume has created an international campus in Champagne. “It was decided with one email sent, says Jean-Yves Heyer.

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Rachid Aboulouard the Ardennes Get Drunk in Reims

I emailed him on a Sunday night. He answered me, came and very quickly, after seeing historic premises that needed to be renovated, he remembered. That Americans know the city very well. It was partly there and with the help of wealthy. Americans that he managed to complete the financing of the gigantic project to refurbish the premises. Since more than 1600 students carry out part of their course here. Which gives them the opportunity to discover the city. When they’re in charge later or thinking about a place to settle down, they’ll remember. » A native ATB Directory of the Ardennes has taken up residence there for several years, even if he has changed employer. So says the boss of the local Comdata center, one of the outsourcers installed, among many others. This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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