What Are Landing Pages What Is a Landing Page for

What Are Landing Pages What Is a Landing Page for

Discovering what landing pages are is an important step towards knowing one of the main strategies of digital marketing. By doing this, you will realize how useful they can be to increase conversion and attract customers. After all, the goal of any business, virtual or face-to-face, is to attract the right people. Subsequently, being able to keep them around until they become customers. But especially if you’ve tried acting in any of these mediums, you’ve realized that it’s not easy. This is because there is high competition and users are increasingly distracted and demanding. In this context, landing pages emerge as an alternative to achieve the aforementioned goals and circumvent the obstacles that have emerged. Want to know how? Stay with us and find out! What are landing pages? What are landing pages? As seen, the first step is to find out what landing pages are.

What Are Landing Page Examples

In practice, it refers to website pages focused on targeting users for a specific action. This can be downloading an e-book, spreadsheet or any other activity that attracts the user. That is, common site pages such as blog are not usually focused on just one action or specifically on conversion. These pages can include tabs like About, Blog, Contact, Contact Us etc. Along with this, there are several other elements, such as menu, text and other Vietnam Phone Number Data information to make the user experience more complete. In this way, they have more possibilities for interaction than on the landing page. If on the one hand this is positive, on the other it increases the chances of distraction. Remember when we said that people these days are increasingly distracted? Some Microsoft research show that human attention span is less than that of a goldfish.

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What Are the Main Elements of a Landing Page

In the face of data like this, it’s clear that converting users with regular web pages can be difficult. Thus, you can attract visits in these spaces, but they do not tend to advance in the sales funnel. Thus, landing pages come in as a solution. To better understand the characteristics of this strategy, know that it usually has topic summaries of what the conversion is all about. For example, if you are downloading an e-book, the summary tells what will be found in the material. Also, there is a form to fill in the name, e-mail, telephone and some 4 or 5 information about ATB Directory the user’s profile. What is a landing page for? What is a landing page for? As you can see, a landing page is more objective and direct in terms of its intentions. In this way, it serves to generate conversions around a specific strategy. So, whoever accesses that landing page already knows what it is about.


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