The Bad Habits of the Leader the Sequel

The Bad Habits of the Leader the Sequel

Rushing without verification Some do not leave their comfort zone, as we saw yesterday, others tend to rush and release their product without having carried out the basic checks. It’s tempting to want to release your product quickly, but the goal remains to offer one that is at least functional. There is no point in launching a new version of your website if it does not work or a version of your product that does not meet the essential needs of your customers. Your product does not need to be perfect, but you should check, for example, that your website meets your specifications. You have to weigh the pros and cons of going out. If these are only minor details, it is better to try the adventure, even if it means rectifying a posteriori.

Do Not Lead by Example

Do not hesitate to list the fundamental points and those secondary ones which could be modified in the future. 2/ Lack of organization Some leaders want to respond to whatever comes their way indiscriminately and as requests arise. This Canadian Colleges Universities Email List way of working which, at first glance, may seem efficient, may just as well turn out to be counter-efficient. Thus, it is still preferable to process your emails at specific times of the day rather than spending your time watching your mailbox. It is also about prioritizing the tasks that can wait and those that are urgent. Before embarking on a task, determine which ones take your time and how urgent they are. Then slip them into your to do list and check that you have enough time to do them in a day.

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Thinking That Your Product Will Sell Itself

Thinking that your product will sell itself Many people think that. It is enough to have the product that perfectly meets a need for it to sell. However, the reality is very different since. Even if you provide the best service in the world, people are not waiting for you. You will often need to be persuasive in order to convince your future customers to change solutions, even when they are initially not satisfied with the ones they use. Their time is precious and the requests are numerous. Put in place a strategy to make yourself known as well as a powerful sales. Pitch ATB Directory that shows your differences. Prepare for a difficult welcome, anticipate objections. Be asked about your added value compared to your main direct or indirect competitors. 4/ Spend lavishly This is a phenomenon that occurs especially after fundraising.


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