Levi’s follows the adventures of jeans for more than half a century

Levi’s follows they are a staple in our wardrobe, but the ubiquitous jeans are at odds with sustainability , since their manufacturing involves the use of thousands of liters of water and also generates tons of CO2 emissions. For this reason, Levi’s , the jeans brand par excellence, has decided to put the durability of its jeans in the spotlight (which can be easily passed down from generation to generation) in a campaign that breaks a spear in favor of sustainability and clothing. secondhand. The central axis of the campaign is a spot signed by the agency AKQA San Francisco and the collective of directors Megaforce that narrates the adventures of a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans from the 60s to the present.

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After wearing the jeans to endless lively top industry data club sessions in the ’70s. The first owner passes the garment on to a woman in the ’80s who enjoys the “jeans” with the bottoms rolled up while skating and playing in the typical arcades of The time. In the decades that followed. Jeans featured in a plethora of activities and those who wore them went camping, skateboarding. Even jumped off a cliff with them. At the end of the ad the garment has several tears and looks completely faded. But someone hangs it back on a hanger in a Levi’s store to give it another chance because. Despite its worn appearance, it is still perfectly wearable.

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“The campaign highlights Levi’s ATB Directory legacy, durability and appeal to a broad global audience ,” said Karen Riley-Grant. Levi’s chief marketing officer. “Levi’s jeans age beautifully and can be passed down from generation to generation with just a few changes. They are timeless and versatile and are always in fashion. Regardless of the era. “This message is more relevant today than ever. As we all think about how we can contribute to a more sustainable future. She adds. Influencers Xiye Bastida. Melati Wijsen and Emma Chamberlain are also involved in the new Levi’s campaign.

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