Showing Your Lifestyle at the Office a Good Idea

Showing Your Lifestyle at the Office a Good Idea

The habits of employees They are today 38% of the French admitted to adding a little. To their lifestyle at work (39% for women and 37% for men) against 34% to be honest (35% and 32% respectively) so that they are 28% to declare lowering themselves so as not to arouse jealousy (26% and 31%). Behaviors are therefore very different from one person to another and it is difficult to identify a standard except that they are much more to do more than less. If they show their way of life, they remain relatively mysterious about their finances since 78% of women and 56% of men hardly talk about it. It must be said that money remains a very delicate subject in France with overall 67% of French people who say they do not easily talk to their colleagues about their financial situation.

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Social networks, mirrors to the larks? If the debate has existed for years on those who seem to display a good life only on social networks, 40% of French people admit that they only expose the best of their lives on these. They are 27% to put everything that happens and 19% to avoid and only put the bare minimum. Finally a small number 14% does R&D Directors Email Lists not display anything at all in their life. It should be noted that the percentages are relatively balanced between men and women, even if women tend to expose the totality more. Social networks therefore remain a place where it is good to show things that highlight and employees are far from sharing everything. The attitude of the leader in question.

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The Attitude of the Leader in Question.

Only 15% believe, on the contrary, that they put themselves down so as not to arouse jealousy. In all cases, the attitude is annoying for 61% of French people who judge themselves against. Who consider the behavior neutral. 13% feel sympathy there, which demonstrates compared. To previous figures that showing what one’s way of life annoys and surely arouses jealousy (or quite simply the attitude). While some business leaders probably. Also add it to ATB Directory reassure their collaborator. Establish their power and be symbols of success or even do it to show. The customer a certain form of success, the fact remains that. This attitude seems to be considered proud and therefore wrong. Come for the collaborators. The percentages showing sympathy remain lower even when they believe that the entrepreneur is demeaning himself.


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