The Talented Maison Perrotte

The Talented Maison Perrotte

Gourmet report from the world jam champion, published in February 2018. All year round, we know that you hear about the best customer service, the shopping experience, the fifty most influential French people in the world, the Choiseul ranking (the economic leaders of tomorrow)… But it’s in Anjou, in one of the historical regions whose culture and heritage are among the richest, that the editorial staff went to meet another World Champion, a real one, on an even more essential subject at the end of the year: jam! Jam ? Yes, because you might think that all you have to do is mix sugar and fruit to make it… No! Believing this is as wrong as thinking that all you need is CRM software to do good customer service.

Want to Be at the Grande Epicerie

It’s good but it’s still sweet It is with these words that Thibaut Ruggeri qualifies the jams of Stéphan Perrotte the first time when his almost neighbor comes to present his pots to him. The chef of the Abbaye de Fontevraud, Bocuse d’Or 2013, must have been persuasive and Stéphan attentive since, since then, he is the first great chef to have trusted the Finland phone number list man who became the World Champion of jam 2015. For the latter, the path to these was winding and starts at the grandmother. She will pass on her passion for fruit to him. Previously, the apprentice champion was a butcher, baker, dad, many times dad.

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This Morning I Received Lemons from Rodrigues

A surplus of strawberries from a local producer that will light the fire of the rocket and the cauldrons. Eager to spend more time with his family and with his many children, This morning I received lemons from Rodrigues The morning of our visit or perhaps the day before, some lemons arrived, but not just any lemons. Pebble lemons, from Reunion, as ATB Directory difficult to find as a data scientist. The pebble lemon is green at the start, becomes yellow as it ages but it retains all the taste qualities of the lime. Everything is said of the sense of detail, of the desire to find the right product as much for its taste as for the creations it will arouse. Stéphan Perrotte has this requirement and this vision of his job as a jam maker. He calls himself a “fruit cook”.


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