How to Boost Your Company’s Revenue with Digital Marketing and Sales

How to Boost Your Company’s Revenue with Digital Marketing and Sales

Despite often going hand in hand, in aligned and robust strategies, digital marketing and digital sales are areas of different specialties and not only have different objectives in the process, but also their own tools to achieve them. At the base they share a common element: the customer and his importance to the business. Both digital marketing and digital sales seek to convert a visitor or lead into a customer. But then, what characterizes these areas and how do they complement each other to increase the business of companies? What is Digital Marketing?digital marketing Digital marketing is about engaging and then influencing potential customers (prospects) in the digital space . The objective is to attract and educate the prospect about a problem and guide him in his purchase journey until the finalization of the process – the purchase of a product or service.

3 Steps to Create a Digital Sales Strategy

Based on these 3 considerations, it becomes simpler to understand how we will be able to attract and educate our prospect, namely what content to develop and for which digital platforms. Types of content to develop: In text; In image; In audio; In video. Content sharing formats: Content for the Website; Blog articles, videos and podcasts; Publications for Social Networks; Email Marketing and/or Newsletters; Paid campaigns on Google and/or Social Oman WhatsApp Number Data Networks. Content-sharing digital marketing allows businesses to position themselves. In front of the right people at the right time, increasing the likelihood. Of being the answer to their problems. However, for many businesses, online interaction through. Marketing content is insufficient, and as much as digital marketing. Strategies can contribute to sales, it is necessary to apply. Other approaches and strategies and this is where digital sales come in.

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What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Sales? If digital marketing aims to find ways to engage the target audience, digital sales has the main goal of turning the target audience into satisfied customers. An aligned digital sales strategy reconciles tools (such as CRM, content management platforms and lead generation tools) with social platforms or other communication methods to ensure sales are completed. Digital sales have two major roles in engaging with prospects: On the one hand, they support potential customers’ inbound sales activities , creating a bridge for those ATB Directory who visit the website and seek to learn more about a product/service; On the other hand, they coordinate account-based sales activities , with the selection of key accounts to work on . According to the profile of the current client companies, new companies are surgically selected to work commercially.


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