Measuring Performance Arguably

Measuring Performance Arguably

Measuring Performance Arguably The most important part of the content pruning process is measuring performance. It’s completely defeating the purpose if you review a lot of content and improve it without making it a priority to measure the results of your efforts. When you’re working on content make sure everyone involv is aware of the status of certain pages and when new and improv content has been upload so that you can track any impact of these changes over the next few months. By doing this you can easily determine the ROI of the time spent whether it is increasing organic traffic conversions or backlinks.

Of course keep in mind

That your results may not be immiate; it may take time to recrawl and subsequently rank your content accordingly. Content pruning is just as fruitful if not more effective than creating new content for summarizing. In addition to helping you avoid your site from being overwhelm with low-quality or duplicate content Trimming beyond bloat also Dominican-Republic Mobile Database helps you understand the value each page provides and measure results accordingly. There is an increasing emphasis on content quality and authority so looking at what you already have and making sure it is unique, valuable, informative and crible can only benefit you.

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Checklist of Questions to Ask

Yourself When Pruning Content Use the following checklist to ensure you are effectively considering series important factors when pruning content or download a copy of the checklist here. Keyword search intent. If you target keywords through content Does the content still match the user’s search intent Has the search intent of those keywords chang slightly ATB Directory over time If yes How have you updat your content to better fit the situation? page purpose. The purpose of the piece of content is to inform or ucate the convert or entertain the page goal.



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