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Directory sweeping, etc, etc, but it is not Navigate the the objective of this post. So, I will only limit myself to commenting that Google Hacking Database or GHDB exists It is a site that has many Dorks and Xploits with which we can find many “nice” things, such as WordPress access credentials with a few simple lines of code GHDB However, instead of dedicating myself to doing bad things, I contacted the administrator to notify him and later ask for a link, because above all ” ethics is paramount ” and although in the past I did it illegally, I think they earn more wars making friends rather than enemies. There he left the information. IMPORTANT NOTE.

WordPress access credentials Navigate the with a few simple

Before you try to do this, it is necessary to talk about security and category email list anonymity on the Internet, because although I can say that I did it, there is no evidence to prove it and I am “clean” of any accusation. Therefore, before you try to go and “hack” sites, systems and servers that are not yours, first learn how to “hide” yourself from the network. Facebook SEO Group Our next point of link searching took me to Facebook groups, remembering that I didn’t yet have a budget to buy quality links. I started to “marry” sites into these groups and I must say that many of them do not have a clear concept of authority, relevance and quality .

Facebook SEO Group Our next point of link searching

Seo facebook groups It is necessary to ATB Directory mention this, because if you are looking for links for your website, these groups can give you a little push and cultivate very good relationships, but in any context it is necessary to know the value of your website and the other person’s website. that you want to make the exchange. Conclusion Building a website that can “generate a very good income” from scratch is quite an odyssey. An incorrect selection of your keywords and, of course, neglecting the link building side, can mean that you do not see tangible results, as happened to me. That does not mean that you are doing one or more things wrong and these things can be corrected, so do not give up “ Principe TQM ” (Mexican slang).

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