The New Google Update Everything You Need to Know

The New Google Update Everything You Need to Know

The revolutionary character of the most recent update to Google’s algorithm, which influences the SEO of your website , came from the words of the vice president of the Search area, Pandu Nayak: ” BERT is the most important update of the last 5 years ” . . The new model can better understand the particularities of languages, including Portuguese. Now, the search engine does not just analyze the terms word by word, but also considers the context of the phrase itself. With this, Google revealed that 1 in 10 pages of results will be impacted.

What Is the Main Purpose of This Update

The research giant introduced, in open source , a pre-training technique for. Processing natural language based on neural networks, that is, with a focu.S on the neurolinguistics of research. The generated models allowed analyzing. A sentence as a whole and not just as a combination of single words, ignoring some terms or linking words. If you are familiar Switzerland Phone Number Data with the importance of SEO and follow the news, you must be wondering about the future of the RankBrain algorithm – which at the time, in 2015, had already started its path to understanding human language. This will not be replaced. In fact, the two algorithms complement each other . RankBrain and BERT: the algorithms that will work together RankBrain was the first system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

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Examples of Results with The BERT Model

It sounds incredible, but according to the vice president of Google Search himself, 15% of the billions of searches. Done every day are new to the company – therefore, to the algorithms as well. BERT thus complements RankBrain, functioning as an additional method to better understand content and people . If necessary, they can act together, in the same way that it already happens with the spelling. Correctors in the search bar or the ability that google has to identify the synonyms of a word. Once the disclamer is done , let’s explore. The examples and see in practice what changes with bert. Bert-update-google-made2web examples of results with the ATB Directory BERT model There are many meanings for a single word. The human being is able to understand the meaning through the context and distinguish between a bank (where we sit) and a bank (where he deposits his company’s profits).


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