Strategic Design Find Out Why Your Company Needs This Innovation

Strategic Design Find Out Why Your Company Needs This Innovation

Gone are the days when design was seen only as graphic art or as a “Nice” complement to. A company page or action. Technological innovations and digita.L transformation brought great changes in the market, and one of. Them was the emergence of strategic design. What few people know is that. This concept is much more than a simple aesthetic complement, but one of the key pieces for the strategic. Management of any company. According to a study published in 2014 by. The harvard business review, companies that adopted design as part of their strategic planning had. A significant performance compared to those that did not have design as. A fundamental part of their strategies.

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The study analyzed companies such as Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, and Starbucks, among others that used strategic design as part of their corporate strategy, had their shares valued in the market with a performance around 228% higher than the businesses that did not adopt this design concept. Want to learn more about the subject? Keep on reading and find out more about what strategic design is, how it works, its main advantages, and how to South Africa Phone Number Data implement it in your company. What is strategic design? Strategic design is related to the creation of a brand, product, or service, completely oriented to thinking about the consumer’s experience, in order to offer more complete solutions for their problems. It makes use of traditional design methodologies and tools to meet the business objectives and goals, by means of trend analyses and internal and external data.

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How Does Strategic Design Work

Through this, decision-making is based on facts and figures, not on intuition and aesthetics. It must be said that strategic design is an effective method for linking management, innovation, research , and design, redefining how problems are addressed, and identifying the actions that provide the most effective solutions. How does strategic design work? The basis of this concept is the collection of data such as market and consumers. In order to achieve it, we base strategic design on the collection of information related to this data, inside and ATB Directory outside the organization. The applications of this strategy are quite varied, and can be applied to issues such as Definition of the business vision Definition of the business model Identification of new business opportunities; Assisting in decision making; Policy strategies, products or services.


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