New features are add regularly

New features are add regularly

For example, certain keywords like home office furniture skyrocket in popularity when more and more people are working from home. It’s a less popular topic now as people go back to the office. No matter how great your content is, search demand may have dri up. Chang?  Such as displaying videos such as how-to keywords that require demonstrations for certain search queries. Your content may still be ranking well but have decid to show videos for the query now. These videos may steal clicks from your webpage.

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Adding Quick Snippets at the top of the results that users don’t ne to click can hurt your CTR. Google your target keywords to see if that makes a difference. Do I have a cannibalization problem? Cannibalization is when multiple pages on a Chile Mobile Database website compete for the same keyword and Google can’t determine which to prioritize. As a result, both pages rank poorly in search engines. Type in to see which pages rank best for this query.

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Targeting the same phrase? If so, this could be the cause of your content decay. Now that you understand the causes of content decay it’s time to identify the pages on your site to improve. How to Identify Rotten Content Here are three ways you can spot content entering the decaying phase of its lifecycle in Google Analytics Go to and add a ATB Directory section. This will show you which pages are attracting organic users and sessions. Set the date range to the nearest month or months so you have enough data to work with. Individually click the top performing results.



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