By any measure it was a huge success

By any measure it was a huge success

So when Scott Fisher, CEO of The Ice Cream Company, called us to ask what to do about negative tweets about the brand from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, we jumped into action. The payoff was a viral marketing campaign with over 10,000 views, a potential total reach of 100 million , and a dozen Tier 1 media articles, as well as dozens in smaller publications. Here’s how it all happened, and what your brand can learn from the experience. You can read more about the event in the CEO’s column on Forbes.

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runs published an article describing how Spicer has vented his displeasure with him online since 2010. Through The Club the article gained traction online, and soon, other outlets picked up on the story. Tweets about and his distaste for are all over the place. In fact, both are trending Kuwait Phone Number List topics on social media. That’s when Scott called and asked if he should respond, and if so, how. While the old PR rules dictated a simple ignore-and-carry-on approach, today’s digital environment demands something different. That’s why we’re working with and another partner agency to develop a response strategy.

The strategy included publishing

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an open letter from Scott to Spicer and sharing it on their social media sites. The letter was friendly and simple, aimed at ending the dispute and extending an olive branch. Scott even offered to host an ice cream social at the White House. The letter went viral, with coverage ATB Directory in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Washington Post, and many other Dian Dian wrote back and said: It is a huge victory for me to pass this event, and I have achieved some amazing results. Their analysis report shows: Covering more than 100 million users from Saturday to Saturday. , the day before the club article goes live, and Tuesday morning. major outlets. and once again became trending topics on . Spicer later responded in a tweet, suggesting an event for the military and first responders.


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