Structure of a Website

Structure of a Website

Creating a website is a fundamental step to ensure online presence and increase the chances of user visits. However, just being present in the web is not enough. It is necessary to think about the structure of a site and make sure that it offers an excellent experience for the visitor. Otherwise, the investment may have been unnecessary, if it can’t attract and keep users. Furthermore, when not satisfying visitors, know that the competition has the chance to do so and thus achieve competitive advantage. So, to prevent you from having problems with the structure of a site, we have prepared this post. In it, we talk about what this concept means, how important it is, how to develop it, and much more.

How to Develop the Structure of a Website

So, know that it corresponds to the way the contents – posts and pages – of a website are presented to the visitors. This concept is also called site architecture. To better understand this definition, imagine the structure of a house. It consists of walls, ceiling and floor. For the residents and visitors of this home to feel comfortable, it is important that these Oman Phone Number Data elements interact harmoniously and are functional. To achieve this, the architect and civil engineer are responsible for understanding the wishes and needs of the residents and adapting the structure accordingly. Similarly, the structure of a website needs professionals who understand how to make it easier for users to navigate and put this understanding into practice. To achieve this goal it is necessary to consider: • internal links; • navigation menus • URL structures; • structured navigation; • categorization.

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Think About the Visitors’ Needs and Interests

Also, consider that Google, the main internet search engine, prioritizes web pages that satisfy users. So the algorithms of this portal raise the visibility of sites that care about the structure to the point of satisfying customers. To understand more about the positive points of this, check out other existing benefits: • Improved user experience: the ease of use and finding the ATB Directory searched information on the site favors the user experience; • Ease of navigation: the easier it is to navigate, the more likely users are to stay, return and refer the site to others; • Ease of reach of pages: pages that would have a lower click through rate can have more engagement with the proper structuring of a site; • Highlighting more important content: organization is one of the pillars of a site’s structure and it can help highlight the most important content to the reader.


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