7 Metrics to Evaluate and Optimize the Performance of a Landing Page

7 Metrics to Evaluate and Optimize the Performance of a Landing Page

A landing page has conversion as its main objective. Whenever the user arrives at a page of this type, he should ideally understand. The offer and act in order to obtain it, filling in a certain. Form with his data. However, for it to work and fulfill its intended function, a landing page to. Convert more needs to be well built and properly in terms of metrics. There are two essential aspects for a landing page for conversion. The elements that compose it and the evaluation of its performance through the right metrics. As we saw in this article , there is a set of best practices for creating a landing page that help make it more effective in its purpose. After being put online, it’s time to evaluate the results by analyzing some important metrics and optimizing its performance.

Average Time on Landing Page or Time Spent on Page

The conversion rate is the percentage of users who took the intended action after reaching your landing page. The average conversion rate for a landing page is around 2%. This means that, for every 100 users who entered the page, on average 2 convert by fulfilling the intended action. The higher this percentage, the better your landing page will perform. Source: ActiveCampaign 2. Traffic Origin Analyzing the origin of the users who arrive at your landing page Iraq Telegram Number Data is of paramount importance. Traffic sources that result from a specific search, following a link that appears on a Social Network or clicking on a random ad will provide very different data.

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Percentage of Leads That Became Customers

You can take advantage of this data to reformulate your strategy (or the landing page itself) and improve results. 7-metrics-to-evaluate-and-optimize-the-performance-of-a-landing-page 3. Number of new visitors VS “repeat” visitors Comparing the amounts of new visitors (those who enter your page for the first time) with those who visit again can help you optimize your landing page for conversion. If you find that many users do not convert on a first ATB Directory visit, you may need to clarify your offer or make it more appealing, for example. 7-metrics-to-evaluate-and-optimize-the-performance-of-a-landing-page-average-time-on-a-landing-page 4. Average Time on Landing Page or Time Spent on Page This metric on a case-by-case basis. Evaluating the time each user spends on your page can be a good indicator of the quality and suitability of the respective content.


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