8 Elements to Create a Conversion Optimized Landing Page

When creating a landing page, all elements must lead the user towards a goal: conversion. Users who arrive at this type of page must take action, usually by filling out a form in exchange for an offer. When well designed, the landing page clearly presents your offer and directs attention to the objective, whether it is a request for contact, an appointment or the download of content. In this article we share some good practices, in terms of text and design for landing pages, to enhance the user experience and guide them towards conversion. Best Practices for Creating a Landing Page 1. No external navigation To create a good landing page you must eliminate potential vanishing points . If the user has already arrived at your page, you won’t want them to leave without converting. This practice is often used on these types of pages, but also in checkout processes.

Clear and Concise Titles

This will help you stay focused on completing the intended action. 8-elements-for-a-conversion-optimized-landing-page-without-navigation 2. Value proposition What does the user have to gain from your offer? This is your value promise and must be presented immediately : above-the-fold and next to the form . It should summarize in a few key points what the offer includes and why it is so valuable. In a short list anticipate and answer any Laos Telegram Number Data questions from users about your proposal. 8-elements-for-a-landing-page-optimized-for-conversion-value-proposition 3. Conversion form The form is essential on a landing page, as it is through it that users provide information to be able to give them what they promise. You should consider, mainly, two points: the data you want to obtain and the location of the form. The quality of these leads increases the more data users are willing to give. However, having too many fields to fill in can scare users and be a reason to leave the page (and that’s not what we want). A short form is more inviting to fill out and generates more leads.

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Best Practices for Creating a Landing Page

Therefore, think about the information you need in your strategy and only ask for the essential data to be able to follow up on the lead. Regarding localization, from the tests we’ve already done at Made2Web, above-the-fold forms are the ones that convert the most. But it’s all a matter of analyzing user behavior and figuring out whether to change the position of this element. 8-elements-for-a-conversion-optimized-landing-page-conversion-form 4. Clear and concise titles Titles, in addition to helping to divide information along the page, are the first elements that users read “diagonally” when landing on a landing page. You should enrich the pages with relevant ATB Directory information to add value to your promise and convince the user to fill in the form. Use organized, clear and concise titles and subtitles to subdivide topics or modules. A clear message will reach the user faster, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 8-elements-for-a-conversion-optimized-landing-page-conversion-form-clear-and-concise-titles 5. Relevant images It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but… avoid the distraction . On a landing page, images should be relevant and help users understand your offer.

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