Podcast what it is and why it’s great for your brand

One of the biggest problems we encounter when planning a good content. Marketing strategy is media diversification. Discovering new advertising channels is already quite. Challenge, but developing content for different. Platforms is an even greater challenge! A good content production plan needs to have frequent publications, always be interesting . A ddress different topics of interest to your audience and cannot fall into a routine. It is in this context that podcasts appear as a low-cost content publishing tool with good reach. What is PODCAST? It is the combination of the words iPod and Broadcast, which in. English means transmission. When it was launched in 2004, it was about the. Seria.l Availability of spoken content, but today it also exists with video. It’s very similar to a radio. Program, with the difference that it can be heard at any time. iTunes, Apple’s device.

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Management program, offers the possibility of “subscribing”, which means that each new episode is automat  cally downloaded to your Apple account. To democratize the program, publishers also tend to make them available outside of iTunes, uploading the audio file to networks such as SoundCloud, and posting it on their blogs for readers on all operating systems to have access to. These options end up reducing the cost of action  Philippines Phone Number Data allowing even small businesses to take advantage of the new channel. It can help you increase your audience engagement and relay your message to even more customers. Podcast is more than an audio file When working with podcasts , you realize that there are many benefits between the lines. In terms of branding, you use it to reinforce your authority within the subjects you cover, in addition to being able to go deeper into.

Podcast is more than an audio file

Each topic, in other words, developing denser and more interesting content. In terms of audience, the duality it provides is also interesting. The audience that consumes this media the most are early-adopters (those users who love technological innovations), however, audiences aged tend to be well persuaded to adopt podcasts as a habit, as they have a  ATB Directory  longer lasting relationship with podcasts. radio programs and also relate well to technology. Now that you are more familiar, do you want to put. This plan into practice for . In next week’s post we will talk. More about the advantages of creating your own channel, and some good practices to get started. Keep an eye! . Do you want to understand the .  Importance of Content Marketing for your company? See the Digital Minds chapter on the subject. Content Marketing.

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