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Information on the success and  measures and decisions. In the pursuit of continuous improvement.  also be drawn from the results. To sum up. it can be said that the core function of a company’s market research is closely relat to marketing-relat work. In a marketing environment. numerous decisions must be made at the strategic and tactical operational levels. and these decisions should be support by decision-relat information. Therefore. market research is also classifi by many authors as a separate subfield within the marketing planning and decision-making process.

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The purpose is to provide the necessary Afghanistan Mobile Database information for strategic and or operational measures or decisions through continuous data collection and analysis.  (e.g. markets. customers. competitors) and internal (e.g. resources. technical requirements) information issues that must be address in order to shape a company’s market relationships. On the other hand. the comprehensive and complex task scope of market research itself becomes clear. To meet these requirements. it is absolutely necessary to take a systematic approach to obtaining information and assessing what is ne.

Market research involves all external

Market Research Process Market research is ATB Directory a systematic process. The term market research was establish due to the naming of various process stages. The German Marketing Institute always follows this proven research design when carrying out its market research projects. The market research process is divid into five main phases. and the various steps of a market research project are address sequentially and systematically. Definition of Market Research Questions The starting point of a market research project is to determine what data is ne. So. the define phase is.

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