8 Tips to Increase Open Rate in Email Marketing

8 Tips to Increase Open Rate in Email Marketing

The first sign of success of your email marketing strategies is getting the emails you send to be opened by the users who receive them. A good opening rate results from a set of actions that will influence the person to make the decision to open the email and to want to open the following ones again. In this article, we share some tips to create lasting relationships with your database and increase the opening rate of your emails. What is a good Email Marketing Open Rate? The open rate is the metric that gives us the first success indicator of our email marketing strategy. According to the 2021 Global Email Benchmarks study by Campaign Monitor, the global average open rate in email marketing is 18% . Use this average as a benchmark to measure your results, but know that there are always ways to improve your email marketing open rate.

Add Value with Your Content

Tricks to improve Open Rate in Email Marketing tricks-to-improve-the-open-rate-in-email-marketing-made2web 1. Keep your email list up to date The email list is a valuable resource! The data obtained was provided by someone who trusted you and allowed the sending of information. Communicate with your users and preserve the relationship created, getting to know their needs and interests, while keeping your data up to date. However, you should USA WhatsApp Number Data remove inactive users from your email list that will incorrectly influence your open rate . suggestion-blog-made2web Remember: before deleting data from your list, make one last attempt to win back. For example, send an email asking what went wrong in the relationship so you can fix or improve it.

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Evaluate the Results and Continue Betting on Email Marketing

Spam filters are getting smarter, but we can avoid them by following some good practices. Send emails only to those who have given you this permission. The acquisition of email lists is a ATB Directory bad practice, People are unaware. Of your services and most likely they will put your email. In the spam box; use a secure ip and your own domain. Many times the issue is at the root of the problem. If you resolve this issue your emails will go to the inbox. Get rid of overly commercial words: using expressions like “buy now”, “cash in hand. “this is not spam” can send your emails directly to spam. Avoid image-only emails – the main message should always be described in the text.


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