Competition, trials and bad decisions As we

And answer portal Yahoo! Answers (2005) or the service where you can create your own web page Yahoo! Geocities (1994, bought by Yahoo! in 1999). Large services such as Flickr (bought in 2005 by Yahoo!), Tumblr (bought in 2013), Kelkoo (bought in 2004) or the already forgotten (bought in 2005) have also formed part of the Yahoo ecosystem .  have seen, briefly, Yahoo! It was one of the first Internet giants, as Google or Facebook are now.

Starting from a first successful

product, it expanded by creating an ecosystem of its own services, free and financed with expanded paid or ad-supported versions , a model that still persists. But Google arrived. Interestingly, in 2000 Yahoo! started using the Google engine as its own search engine. What’s more, he came to have the possibility of acquiring the company when it was starting. WhaYou can add urgency to your content in a Malaysia Phone Number List number of ways: Make your copy itself urgent. Your client doesn’t just want to improve his life. He wants to improve now. t happened next is a succession of bumps, setbacks and bad decisions. First, the end of the first Internet bubble in 2001 , which meant that “dot com” companies that were worth millions of dollars, more due to speculation than their real value, lost their value overnight and disappeared.

Yahoo! she survived

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though touched. Subsequently, Google began to stand out, with its promising algorithm that returned concrete results . And as soon as it introduced advertising on the search pages (Google AdSense), its value skyrocketed until today, allowing it to create parallel products such as Gmail (direct ATB Directory competition from Yahoo! Mail). In 2008, Microsoft offers to buy Yalikely to stick with the article until it’s complete. hoo! in order to face Google between the two, since Microsoft also had its own online ecosystem, known as MSN and then Windows Live.

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