Paid Social Networks Guide How to Monitor Results and Optimize

Paid Social Networks Guide How to Monitor Results and Optimize

Monitoring Social Media Campaigns is a mandatory step for anyone who advertises on these platforms, for two main reasons. On the one hand, this is how we perceive whether the results are in line with expectations, given the initial objectives. On the other hand, this monitoring will allow us to detect errors and correct actions in real time. Closely monitoring the performance of your ads is essential to achieving the intended objectives. How to monitor the performance of Campaigns? To be effective, the monitoring of any Campaign on Social Media must, above all, be appropriate for each case. In this field, there is no universal solution: concrete adjustments are always necessary according to the specifics of your business and campaign specificities. The analysis of the results can be done in several ways and through different tools, free or paid.

What Platforms Are We Advertising on

It is also essential to take into account which platforms we are advertising on: facebook, instagram. Linkedin provide different metrics and data. Platforms-campaigns based on our experience, at made2web, we chose to carry out. A combined study, using the analysis tools of the social networks themselves and google analytics. Thus, we get a more complete view of the performance of the ads we are promoting. In your case, it all depends Malaysia Telegram Number Data on what you want to measure and how you want to measure it. In general, there are some essential steps that are common to all types of Campaign monitoring. What were the initially set goals? In the first instance, it is never too much to reinforce the importance of defining objectives in Social Media Campaigns . When measuring results, everything depends on the objectives initially defined for each campaign.

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What Were the Initially Set Goals

It is on this information that monitoring should be based. Let’s look at two concrete examples: If the objective was to increase the community then we will have to analyze metrics such as the acquisition of followers and the cost per follower; If the objective was to fill in a form on the website then we will have to analyze a wider set of metrics: impressions; clicks; Conversions; Cost per click; Cost per conversion; Length of stay on the website; Bounce rate. 00-goals What platforms are we advertising on? Then, we have to adapt our monitoring to the ATB Directory Social Networks we are advertising on, because not all of them give us the same metrics. As we have seen, creating a Campaign on Instagram can be done through two platforms: the App or the Business Manager, also known as Ads Manager.


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