The Key Steps to Retaining a Customer

The Key Steps to Retaining a Customer

A fairly basic step that should never be overlooked. Your customer expects from you, when he consumes your products, the respect of the promised quality. It remains essential to respect your commitments vis-à-vis them, if you do not want them to no longer consume at home and give you bad publicity to their acquaintances. Remember the dogma: a satisfied customer talks to two people, a dissatisfied customer talks to ten. For example, the famous scandal of the Findus brand which offered lasagna with beef and which was ultimately made up of horse meat. An observation that has earned the brand a huge bad buzz, given that it directly affects the quality and composition of its products.

The Ethics You Have Set for Yourself

Order to preserve customer satisfaction. The use of relationship marketing Relationship marketing . Also called personalized or one-one marketing. Consists of creating an individual relationship with the customer. Personalized and continuous. So that he feels like a stakeholder in the company and not like just any consumer. Mass marketing is abandoned in favor of relational marketing actions in order to increase Travel Agent Email Address List consumer loyalty . Certain practices such as nominative marketing remain highly appreciated by companies and customers. It consists in addressing the latter directly by name thanks to commercial mailings which draw them from databases or by personalizing the product. The setting up of contests and animations Contest games and the events set up by the brands remain very popular with customers.

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They Tend to Enhance

The image of the brand and bring it closer to its consumers. An excellent way also to animate its community and to reward it for its purchases. Brands like Renault have lent themselves to the game. By offering their customers the chance to win a trip for two people in the footsteps of the ATB Directory filming of Star Wars. The Playstation brand. Meanwhile. Invited its players to answer four questions. The winners. Drawn at random. Won a five-night stay at a five-star hotel in Miami. Highlight these contests through your social networks: you will animate your community and attract new customers. A good opportunity. Also. To highlight your products. Reward loyalty to preserve it Your most loyal customers deserve to be rewarded.


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