Returning to the example of

The company that offers financial services, if the main storyline that targets company owners is focused on the protection of precious savings, a subplot, which this time targets managers, could focus on the skills that have allowed them to achieve the dream of protecting family earnings. Declining the storyline means making it attractive for different activities: email marketing , social media, content marketing and video marketing . The opportunity of using the strategy on multiple channels is to strengthen the message, stress it to make communication coherent and above all recognizable on multiple fronts. In this way storytelling goes from being a tested approach to a truly rooted strategy .

Storytelling and sales

The use of corporate storytelling in marketing is essential. And what about sales? Also! As part of a corporate strategy based on storytelling, it is essential that the sales department also uses the same story in daily conversations with potential attract B2b Leads the right customers. The storyline must be the protagonist in every phase of the buyer’s journey , in any exchange of messages and correspondence: chat, email, telephone, presentations.

Why is it very important

To know how to stand out in the eyes of potential customers? Sales knows that it comes into play at a very advanced stage of the purchasing process, where marketing has already prepared the contact who, convinced, is one step away from ATB Directory making the decision. It is very likely that at this stage there are other negotiations underway with competing companies,

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